Hello and Welcome!

Globby is a work in progress character.


  1. create a story
  2. create a Globby universe/community
  3. create a digital Globby: app, emoticons, games
  4. create Globby education: educational games collaborating with the cognitive side of learning
  5. create and contribute to social initiatives


Globby is a timeless character, identified by its global concept, regardless of gender, age, race and culture.

Created with three basic geometric shapes and primary colors — circle/blue, triangle/yellow, square/red — which interchange to represent the head, body and limbs, therefore allowing 12 graphic identifications of the same character.

The results are endless personalities characterizing and emphasizing the overall concept of the character.

With global concept, Globby would like to foster the development of ideas, concepts, expressions, themes and values, interacting freely across all cultures.

Globby is playful, with a universal understanding from the perspective of poetry using the concept of “simplicity” to present a constructive and positive way of the world in an entertaining, friendly and charming way.

And yes … Globby was inspired by Bauhaus colour and form theory and designed by me,  Marcia Wechsler

Suggestions on how Globby can play around the world will be most welcome!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.